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Gifts from Spain for luck and inspiration with Indalo symbol of Almeria charm necklaces jewellery ceramics, paintings

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Welcome to a part of Spanish life – gifts featuring the Indalo of Spain . . jewellery, lucky charm necklaces, earrings and bracelets, Spanish ceramics and other household goods

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This site was specially developed to provide information about the lucky Indalo (sometimes called Rainbow Warrior) – a part of Spanish culture/life.

But, although updated, this site is rather old-fashioned now and has been superseded by other websites in our Group – with our Central Shop located HERE (opens in a new window)

However, you can still use this site to learn about the Indalo and see some of our Indalo-inspired gifts, art and craft – unique hand-painted ceramics from Almeria in Andalucia, southern Spain, as well as jewellery, paintings, charms, accessories and household goods.

The Indalo is a part of Spanish culture. Everything on this site bears the symbol of this lucky Indalo.

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We could all do with as much inspiration and good luck as possible, and the little Indalo symbol is reputed to have magical powers to offer protection from harm, and help bring good fortune and prosperity . . the perfect gift from Spain.

The Indalo shape (whether it be classical like Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, or spiritual as in the Rainbow Man or Rainbow Warrior of the ancient North American Indians), is a popular symbol (like the clover leaf, horseshoe, or hamsa) and is used to pass on inspiration and good luck sentiments to friends and family. Rainbows are believed to represent a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Indalo_clocksOriginal_Indalo_symbolCeramicas varias

There are several Rainbow Man symbols around the world, the most prominent being the Indalo of southern Spain, which is very much a good luck talisman. It dates back to Neolithic times (the symbols found on caves in the province of Almeria have been dated approx. 4500 BC), although it is unclear whether the origin of the word itself relates to “Indal Eccius” (meaning Messenger of God in ancient Iberian) or to the local Saint, San Indalecio, sent by Rome to evangelize the Iberian peninsular in the first century AD. Either way, hundreds of thousands of people put their faith in this little Warrior of the Rainbow, the Indalo, as a guardian angel, hoping it will protect them from evil and bring them good fortune.

Of course, the name Rainbow Warrior has now been immortalised by a ship owned by environmental group Greenpeace (the first one of this name was blown up by French Secret Services in New Zealand in the 80’s) and relates back to North American Indian culture (particularly the Hopi, the Cree and the Sioux). But it is no coincidence that Greenpeace uses this name for its vessels: The Warrior of the Rainbow is also a spiritual being that ancient North American legend foretells will return to save the earth from the ravages of environmental destruction in a new age type of salvation. (See more info about the Rainbow Warrior )

Modern lifestyle makes us more conscious of the world in which we live. Many people believe in sustainable living, ethical / green, ecological initiatives, and an essence of spirituality that, although sometimes atheist in practice, is nonetheless meaningful. According to a BBC survey in Britain, most of us still crave a sense of the spiritual in terms of love, values, beauty and meaning and, although many of us have let go of religion, per se, we still hold on to the vaguer notion of spirituality as a way of feeling ‘connected’ to a dimension that is beyond the physical.

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The concept of a lucky charm, charm bracelet, charm ring, charm stone (and good luck charms or lucky symbols in general) encompasses this spirituality in an inspirational, holistic and mystical way similar to that seen in many of the world’s major religions: Hinduism, for example, has many mystical sects, and the Sutras of Buddhist texts display highly analytical treatments of mystical ideas. Plato, Pythagoras, and Socrates had clear mystical elements in their teachings. In the Christian faith, mysticism centres around the relationship between God and the Soul, with Saints and other beatific individuals being said to have received the Holy Spirit.

Apart from crafting and/or sourcing ceramics and lucky charm jewellery, Indalo Art also features original paintings, prints, and charm stones which come from the region of the Indalo caves – overlooking the plains of the Sierra de la Maria (close to the Sierra Nevada in Spain) . . from where, having traversed across Africa over centuries of migration, early Civilisation began its journey up into northern Europe in a megalithic era that resulted in the ancient mystical monuments of northern Europe such as Stonehenge and Avebury. The good luck symbol of the Indalo / Rainbow Man has great inspirational and mystical appeal. The different designs of hand-crafted charms, lucky charm necklaces, and pebble jewellery (as well as the Indalo paintings, Spanish ceramics, and all the eco-friendly / holistic gifts) on this site, engender many sentiments including good fortune, prosperity, protection, inspiration, friendship, health, happiness, and love. The Indalo is a part of the culture of Almería/Andalucia in Spain and the Almeriense way of life.

We have a complete range of lucky charms . . including jewelry, ceramics and other household products. Many are hand-crafted, hand-painted and unique. Each item is individually sourced, making a totally unique gift which can be used as a recognised but very special way to express your goodwill wishes. An accompanying information card about the Indalo can be personalised with your own special message.

Discover the magical power of the Indalo:
Luck, love, friendship, prosperity, protection / safekeeping, health, happiness, fulfilment of dreams . . who knows?!

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