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Traditional Spanish ceramics / pottery from Spain with the Indalo of Almeria, Andalucia

Traditional ceramics from Spain – with Indalo symbol of protection
. . typically Spanish ceramics and souvenirs

Spanish ceramics / pottery is renowned for its bright, vibrant colours and patterns
For many, this reflects the style and way of life of Spain – and especially its coasts and communities along the Mediterranean sea and inland a bit into the towns and pueblos of the Spanish interior, with its colourful fiestas and an easy-going outlook on life.


Many of the designs and patterns have existed for centuries and are part of the Spanish culture and tradition. For example, Hispano-Moresque pottery from Manises, Paterna and other Valencian towns were originally for the local market, but are now exported all over the world. In the region of Andalucia further south, and especially around Granada and Malaga, there are family run pottery factories that have existed for generations and even today, much of the Spanish pottery and ceramics is hand-crafted by artisans so that each piece is unique.


Our central store has select examples of Spanish ceramics – all featuring the Indalo symbol of protection and good fortune. The style of Spanish life – particularly of the Mediterranean coast, shines through these products and makes you think of the searing sun, the warm blue sea, hot days and evenings with friends, a glass of Rioja, a plate of olives, ham and almonds with some tapas, chorizo, and sardines grilled in the open air ‘a la plancha’.

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