Pottery from Spain with the Indalo symbol makes an ideal gift

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Pottery from Spain – with Indalo symbol of protection / luck
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We have a range of Spanish pottery from Spain with each piece being specially suited to being sent by post as a gift. All products are available through our central online shop – a diverse collection of ceramic pottery from Spain that captures the essence of Spanish culture (and, in our case, features the good luck symbol of the Indalo).

Spanish products are known the world over: Wines; olive oils ; hams; oranges, tomatoes . . are all major exports and an integral part of life in Spain. But Spain is also famous for its leather goods, its beautiful capes, its embroidery, wickerwork and . . of course, its pottery / ceramics. From north to south, Spain’s pottery has been strongly influenced by its history – and in particular by the Arabs. Muslim rule existed for almost 800 years until 1250 AD. Then, as the Christians re-conquered the peninsular, the Catholics similarly cast their spell over Spain’s developing culture. In the Spanish pottery available from the online store on our sister sites IndaloMart.com and good-luck-gifts.com , we can see the presence of the Arab styles of North Africa and the Near East: Plates, small dishes, pots, tableware, hand-decorated tiles, wine stoppers, thimbles, and so on.

Spanish tableware pottery

As an English-run online retailer based in Andalucia, on the Mediterranean coast, we are part of the local culture. Here, you will find soaring mountains, rolling hills – parched dry in the rainless summers, orange groves, and sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. Moorish arches mingle with Catholic towers, and white pueblos are scattered across dusty valleys. The traditional products of Andalucia and Spain are legend . . and the pottery in our shop at good-luck-gifts.com reflects this, with much of it featuring Almeria’s legendary Indalo.

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