Souvenir Jewellery of Spain with Indalo talisman – ideal gift

Spanish jewellery featuring the Indalo symbol talisman

Jewellery of Spain – with Indalo talisman of protection
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Jewellery of Spain with the Indalo talisman / amulet

Our online shop contains an amazing range of Spanish jewellery featuring the Indalo symbol of Almeria, in Andalucia, southern Spain.


Jewellry from Spain is not well-known outside its close markets of France and Portugal. But in fact, Spain plays a major role in the European jewellery sector. It is the fourth largest manufacturer behind Italy, Britain and Switzerland, with an estimated turnover of €1.5 billion. There are some 4,000 jewellery workshops in Spain.

We are an English-run online retailer based on the Mediterranean coast of Andalucia and most of our jewelry features the lucky Indalo symbol of the region with pieces in gold and silver as well as the more contemporary charm jewellery.


Spanish jewellery is becoming more and more sought after around the world. In particular, jewellers such as Tous, Carrera y Carrera, and the Festina group, have become well-known. Much of the jewellery of Spain is surreal and energetic. Our pieces of Indalo jewellery reflect the culture of the local area of Andalucia and Almeria in southern Spain – and, of course, features the Indalo symbol/shape.

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Spanish jewellers have traditionally looked to the Mediterranean and Andalucia for inspiration – rather than inland towards the interior of the Iberian Peninsula. Our range of Spanish jewellery is from this part of Spain and is therefore quintessentially Spanish in nature and an ideal souvenir.

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