Mojacar memories – club fiesta party – recuerdo / souvenir of great time

Mojacar memories – a souvenir of Mojacar, Spain

Fiesta Indalo charms – a souvenir of a great time in Mojacar

. . from Mojácar – the adopted home of the Indalo

Did you have a great time at a disco party or nightclub – perhaps a stag or hen party, or an end of college bash?
Our Indalo charms make a great souvenir of a fiesta / party time had in the beach-side clubs of Mojacar, in southern Spain.


By day, Mojacár is a quiet Andalucían village on the Mediterranean coast in the south east corner of Spain, with narrow cobbled streets and a beach-side resort that stretches for some 7 miles with beautiful sand and warm waters.

But at night in the late spring and summer . . it is rapidly becoming a top party place in Spain.

Mojacar sunset

The Indalo is the symbol of the whole region of Almería but, in particular, this village pueblo – with winding streets and the warm waters of the Mediterranean lapping at the edge of its beach front night clubs and discos. And the Indalo represents all this. Over many years, it has offered its residents protection and good luck and even today, it is strongly believed that a lucky spell Indalo will bring good fortune. You can see the lucky symbol wherever you go. To anyone who visits Mojacar (tourist or Spanish), it is the only souvenir to have – or to send to a friend for good luck