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Indalo Art is a subsidiary of Good Luck Gifts and part of the Indalo Camino Gifts group. We established our business in Andalucía, Spain, over 15 years ago, and now we have a base in the UK.

We design, craft and source Indalo charm necklaces (gold and sterling silver), pebble and gemstone jewelry, lucky charm stones, pottery and other household effects, in Almería, south east Spain – the area from where the most recognisable Rainbow Warrior figure (the Indalo symbol) comes. This good luck symbol / legend plays a large part in local traditions and, travelling around, you see it everywhere. It’s integral to the way of life in this region of Spain. The pottery/ceramics in particular, are prevalent – and everyone, it seems, wears a piece of Indalo jewellery.

IndaloArt operates between two bases – the south of the UK, and Andalucía, in southern Spain; and this site was specially developed to explain the cult, mysticism and legend of the Indalo of Almería, in Andalucía (otherwise know as the Rainbow Warrior in other parts of the world).


But this site is rather old-fashioned now and has been superseded by other websites in our Group – with our Central Shop located HERE .

However, we continue to source and create unique artefacts, jewellery, ceramics and charms, as well as paintings – all based on the lucky Indalo Man symbol. Some items can be viewed here, but most are featured in our central good-luck-gifts shop (which also includes some other inspirational gifts and lucky symbols from around the world).

Nowadays, lucky charms (such as charm bracelets, charm necklaces and stones, and symbols on pottery and souvenirs) are very popular in Western culture, and the associated holistic approach to life now forms a major part of mainstream society. Pioneers of a holistic style of living such as Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner, among others, insisted that education should cultivate the moral, emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of a child. It is based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to spiritual values such as compassion and peace.

We have charms: Lucky charm jewellery and other charms can have genuine inspirational and holistic appeal. Almería, in the southeast of Andalucía, is a region of Europe where, in the Copper (or late Neolithic) Age some 4000 years before Christ, ancient man inscribed paintings of the Indalo (or Rainbow Man) on the walls of caves overlooking the plains of the Sierra de la Maria (close to the Sierra Nevada in Spain) and from where, having traversed across Africa over centuries of migration, they began their journey up into northern Europe in a megalithic era that eventually resulted in the ancient monuments of northern Europe (such as Stonehenge and Avebury, for example).

In Almería and Granada, the good luck symbol of the Indalo is often hand-crafted onto a particular item to make a unique piece of pottery or jewellery (lucky charm necklaces, bracelets and anklets) – all inspired by the drawings in the caves in Velez Blanco, Almería.

Local Spanish culture:

Indalo artist

Indalo Art is involved with the art culture of southeast Spain, not only through the Indalo symbol but also by being active within local society. In particular, we are involved in teaching art, and supporting a local centre for people with learning difficulties in Vera, Almería that offers educational and development programmes, cultural, sport and leisure activities, ceramics, art, theatre, gardening, information technology and carpentry workshops to handicapped people in the area, in order to provide them with more independence and a better quality of life.

Make someone feel good . .

We get hundreds of compliments about our Spanish Indalo charm jewellery, talismans, aftefacts, ceramics and paintings. Here are just a few from some happy customers around the world:

“Thank you so much for the beautiful Rainbow Warrior necklace,
it really is a very special gift,love it!” (Vanessa G)
“I love the presentation and packaging. It made the perfect gift to give
for a good luck wish.” (Charlotte B)
“Mil gracias, precioso el indalo!” (Andrés)
“It’s funny, since I had my Indalo picture, things have really picked
up for me.” (Jim B)
“Esta es un lujo. Me encantaaaa!” (Gemma)
“Guess what: I am the luckiest woman in Barcelona! I am wearing an incredibly beautiful Indalo wristlet and life couldn’t be more beautiful.” (Christina)
“Muchas gracias, todo un detalle………….” (Bea)
“My daughter and son in law loved their presents” (Michelle W)
” Muuuccchhiiisiimasss!!! Gracias.” (Lucía)
“It’s so nice, I want to wear it round my neck.” (Marcia R)
“k bonito me ha encantao muchas gracias” (Mar)
“It’s lovely. I’m going to rub it on my Lottery ticket.” (Susanna S)
“Qué mejor regalo que el símbolo de nuestra tierra!!” (Ana)
“He goes with me everywhere, keeping an eye on me.” (Kathy W)
“Ma commande vient d’arriver !!!!! Trop contente !!!! Emballage super beau !!!! Indalo Art génial, merci merci” (BL)

“I received my lucky Indalo yesterday. It’s absolutely gorgeous.” (Diane S)
“Lo mas bonito de mi tierra, mucchas gracias y que me de suerte.” (Arturo)
“My friend absolutely loved her necklace. She didn’t take it off!” (Sue C)
“me encanta recibir este simbolo,mi padre era de almeria,gracias” (M Luisa)
“He’s right here in front of me sitting on my desk.” (Rachel W)
“Gracias, con mi adorado Indalo que lo llevo siempre conmigo.” (Araceli)
“Que bonito!!” (Aldana)
“The talisman is absolutely beautiful. Thank u! ” (Mariana A)
“me encanta el regalo…” (Victor )
“Precioso” (Ignacio M)
“Gracias…me encanta el indalo.” (Maribel)
“Great service. goods arrived today. Many thanks” (PhilK)
“precioso, gracias, me siento feliz” (Maria)
“I adore Rainbow Warrior.” (Vanessa G)
“Una felicitación desde Almería y con el Indalo es una gran emoción.” (Juan)
“I gave my friend her Indalo and she absolutely loved it.” (Sandra C)
“Gracias por el indalo, a ver si trae buena suerte” (Jose)
“The Indalo is sooo beautiful and you can tell when opening the little gift box, that it is made with LOVE and positive Energy.”
“Muchas Gracias a los de mi tierra, me gustaria estar en el dia de hoy por haya con los mios,,,pero las obligaciones mandan,,,que se va ha hacer.” (Paqui)
“Absolutely delighted” (Rosie L)
“Many thanks. Package arrived before I did. Great service. Regards J “
“Just a quick note to say the charm has arrived.Thank you for your prompt service” (TJ)

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