PRODUCTS of SPAIN – ceramics and jewellery

Typical products of Spain – ceramics and jewellery gifts and souvenirs

Spanish ceramic and jewellery gift products of Spain and souvenirs available to buy online

Typical products of Spain / souvenirs – with Indalo symbol of protection
. . a gift from Spain to inspire

Products of Spain featuring the Indalo symbol – especially Spanish pottery and jewellery


We have a range of typically Spanish ceramic and jewellery products and souvenirs available through our online shop – all bearing the good luck symbol of the Indalo. It is now possible to buy these typical Spanish products online . . especially souvenirs and gifts of Spanish jewellery and pottery.

Spanish pottery and Indalo talisman

We have a base in Andalucia, on the Mediterranean coast in southern Spain (as well as in the UK), and our collection of ceramic and jewellery products reflect the culture of Spain where we are based. Spain is blessed with a diverse culture: From flamenco to bullfighting (with its advocates and its detractors); from literature, architecture, and art, to the so-called ‘Mediterranean diet’. Spain’s artisans and crafts people also well recognised around the world in the fields of leatherwork, silk, embroidery, and . . pottery and jewelry.


Many of the ceramics in our online shop reflect the Arab styles of North Africa and the Near East, and the rich cultural history of Spain. The Romans, the Visigoths and, most notably the Arabs have all left their mark on Spanish pottery: Richly-decorated plates, bowls, dishes, hand-painted tiles, and so on.



Spanish jewellery as well is unique in style – and particularly that featuring the ‘good luck’ symbol of the Indalo. Jewellery from Spain is part of a €1.5 billion European market which makes Spain the 4th largest manufacturer behind Italy, Britain and Switzerland. Spanish jewellers have traditionally looked towards the Mediterranean and Andalucia for inspiration – rather than inland towards the interior of Spain. Our range of jewellery is mostly from this part of Spain . . the Spain of tapas and flamenco, soaring mountain ranges, sprawling olive groves, and sandy beaches. Here, you will find Moorish arches alongside Catholic towers, white villages scattered across verdant hills, dry and dusty valleys, and an intoxicating charm that even the high-rise hotels of modern tourism cannot take away. The traditional cultural products of Andalucia and Spain are legend . . and we stock many of them.

Lucky horseshoe and Indalo combined | Spanish tableware ceramics