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Unique handmade gifts for people facing challenges – with the magical protection of the Indalo

A gift to say Get Well Soon

Lucky Indalos can be gifted to wish good health

Once upon a time, to cure a person’s fever, it was recommended to place them on the shore when the tide was coming in. When the tide began to go back out, it was believed that the retreating waves would carry away their disease and fever. A bunch of mint tied around the wrist was also believed to ward off infection and disease . . And so the myths and legends go. Indeed ancient beliefs (some religious, some not) and lucky amulets or talismen often form part of our lives – even for people who are not very superstitious. For example, how many people say “Bless You” (or, “Jesus!” in Spain) when someone sneezes. Little gifts to our friends and loved-ones can pass on feelings and sentiments and encourage people.

Do you know someone who could benefit from some special little gift to encourage them to Get Well?

Send good luck wishes to a friend, loved-one or work colleague during their illness . . Make them feel more loved and protected, and wish them a speedy recovery. See SHOP for range of GET WELL gifts.

Nowadays, people give ‘ get-well ‘ presents to pass on their hopes for a speedy recovery and folklore / superstition can play an important part: For example, when choosing flowers for someone who is ill it is advisable to think about the associations connected with each flower: White flowers are not recommended, whilst red ones are a good choice because they denote life and regeneration. Evidentally, one should never give a mixture of flowers to the sick, or place them on the bed of a sick person.

It is said that in a land not so far away lives an elderly and wise woman. Her life is simple and happy because she has a gift which allows her to know the needs of others and to heal them. The gift is a bag of brooms. Each day she carries her carefully crafted brooms to sweep away any illnesses and to refresh the memory and the soul of her villagers. As she gives away her presents she says: “Let the broom clean your mind and your heart, as it cleans the world around you.” Others rely on more tested rituals most commonly involving herbs and other plants – just like any medicine or drug you can buy today. But herbal remedies have a long and varied association with folklore – and much of it is not related to the chemical content of the medicine.

We have many good luck charms to say ‘ Get well soon – I’m thinking of you ‘ . We especially have hand-crafted lucky charms which come from Almeria in southern Spain close to where the original Indalos were discovered. This is a region of ancient culture believed to be the origin of the Neolithic civilisation that spread up into the whole of northern Europe between 4000 and 2000 BC – and the beginning of a megalithic era that was one of the great periods of Spanish and European history and included the construction of the mystical monuments of Stonehenge and Avebury in Britain. Cave paintings of Indalo-type shapes mingle with representations of suns, spirals, animals and labyrinths, each with their own mystical and esoteric meaning.

The Indalo shape (whether it be classical like Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, or spiritual as in the Rainbow Warrior of the ancient North American Indian Cree tribe), is a popular symbol (like the clover leaf, horseshoe, or ladybird) used to pass on good luck sentiments to friends and family.

Pass on your good luck sentiments to friends or loved ones . .

The Indalo is reputed to have mystical powers to bring luck, good fortune and happiness. So . .

  • FOR THOSE THAT SEEK happiness, prosperity, friendship, protection, and good health . .
  • FOR THOSE WHO WANT more luck, love, confidence, success, and achievement . .
  • FOR THOSE WHO want their dreams to come true . .

Gift them an Indalo!!!

Each lucky charm on this site is hand-picked and so although the colour, size, etc, can vary a bit from the photos shown here, it is used as a recognised but unique way to express goodwill wishes and desires. The accompanying information card about good luck and the Indalo can be personalised with your own special message.

The gift of an Indalo is perfect . . saying Good Luck, Congratulations, Best Wishes, With Love, or Thinking of You . . in its own special way.

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