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Lucky Indalos are symbols that can say “Good luck for the party”

Parties and fiestas are colourful events and the concept of lucky talismans, like colour, plants and the stars above, is deeply embedded into folklore and mysticism. Games too, are often part of the celebration with party gifts a popular type of present for the party host and guests.

Do you know someone who could benefit from some special luck for their Party or Celebration?

Send good luck wishes to a friend, loved-one or work colleague for their Party / Celebration . . Help your friends and loved-ones have a great day and wish them success so their dreams can come true. See SHOP for range of PARTY or CELEBRATION gifts.

Along with the Spanish, that highly superstitious race, the Chinese, are perhaps the world’s greatest fiesta and party peoples. At New Year, a large-mouthed beast, Nian, whose name literally means ‘year’, is chased from the area in a celebratory ritual that is full of color and bonhomie. According to one story, this fierce beast terrorised a Chinese village, swallowing many people. But an old man suggested that Nian eat other, more ferocious animals and not the humans. So Nian began gobbling up the beasts that were a nuisance to humans. Then the old man rode the beast to heaven and the villagers could once again enjoy a peaceful life. Before the old man disappeared, he advised everyone to decorate their doors and windows with red paper at the end of each year to prevent the return of Nian, who feared the color red. Today, the term “guo nian” meaning “survive nian,” has become a tradition of celebration as Chinese people embellish their homes with red paper cut-outs depicting popular themes of happiness, wealth and longevity.

Queenie, Queenie who’s got the ball?
Are they short, or are they tall?
Are they hairy, or are they bald?
You don’t know because you don’t have the ball !

Games are traditionally part of celebrating and having fun at an event – even for adults, and there are many: For example, ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf?’, ‘Musical Chairs’, ‘Rock-paper-scissors’, ‘Blind man’s bluff’ and ‘Postman’s knock’, to name but a few. One, called ‘Simon Says’, can be traced back to 1264, when Simon de Montfort captured King Henry III at the English town of Lewes. For the next year, any order Henry III gave had to be countermanded by de Montfort. The situation ended the following year when Henry’s son Prince Edward took Simon’s castle by force.

We also have hand-crafted lucky charms which come from Almeria in southern Spain close to where the original Indalos were discovered. This is a region of ancient culture believed to be the origin of the Neolithic civilisation that spread up into the whole of northern Europe between 4000 and 2000 BC – and the beginning of a megalithic era that was one of the great periods of Spanish and European history and included the construction of the mystical monuments of Stonehenge and Avebury in Britain. Cave paintings of Indalo-type shapes mingle with representations of suns, spirals, animals and labyrinths, each with their own mystical and esoteric meaning.

The Indalo shape (whether it be classical like Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, or spiritual as in the Rainbow Warrior of the ancient North American Indian Cree tribe), is a popular symbol (like the clover leaf, horseshoe, or ladybird) used to pass on good luck sentiments to friends and family.

Pass on your good luck sentiments to friends or loved ones . . TODAY!

The Indalo is reputed to have mystical powers to bring luck, good fortune and happiness. So . .

  • FOR THOSE THAT SEEK happiness, prosperity, friendship, protection, and good health . .
  • FOR THOSE WHO WANT more luck, love, confidence, success, and achievement . .
  • FOR THOSE WHO want their dreams to come true . .

Gift them an Indalo!!!

Each lucky charm on this site is hand-picked and so although the colour, size, etc, can vary a bit from the photos shown here, it is used as a recognised but unique way to express goodwill wishes and desires. The accompanying information card about good luck and the Indalo can be personalised with your own special message.

The gift of an Indalo is perfect . . saying Good Luck, Congratulations, Best Wishes, With Love, or Thinking of You . . in its own special way.

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